September 7, 2013

Itni mannatein..

Itni thakaan..
Itni thakaan..
Itni thakaan..
Jism magar..
Kiraaye ka makaan..

Itni chaahat..
Itni chaahat..
 Itni chaahat..
Pahunche manzil..
Phir bhi na raahat..

Itni kahaaniyaan..
Mausamon ki..
Baadal garje they magar..
Naaraaz thi dooriyaan..

Itni minnatein..
Dar pe sajda bhi aur..
Itni mannatein..
Phir bhi milteen hain..
Kahaan Jannatein..


writersrelam said...

That was absolutely Lovely Miss. And I hope to read more from ya soon..

Aadii said...

Interesting free flowing format here.. This i would say is neither a nazm nor a ghazal.. Wish it could be a tad bit more on either side (that is to say, if it could have the 'flow and connect' of a nazm OR if it could have the 'rhyming and metering' of a ghazal, it would have looked been better)..

Content wise, it does not lack anything.. Provides good food for though, just wish the presentation could have been better.. liked it nonetheless.. keep writing :)