September 27, 2012

Wo bhi kya din they jab ..

Saans rukti hai ab har saans se pehle ..

Wo bhi kya din they jab bedhadak jiyaa karte they ..

Ab taraste hai zindagi ke ek pyaale ko ..

Wo bhi kya din they jab unki aankhon se piyaa karte they ..

Gumnaam sa rehta hai mere naam ka samandar ..

wo bhi kya din they jab lehron pe jiyaa karte they ..

Dhoondhte phir rahe hain aashiyaana shehar shehar ..

Wo bhi kya din they jab unki baahon mein raha karte they

Bekhyaali mein haath badhaya kisi ne, to yaad aaya ..

Wo bhi kya din they ki honthon se chhuu liyaa karte they .

Poochhte bahut hain wo, humein hi jawaab na dena aaya ..

Wo bhi kya din they ki hum haq se gilaa karte they ..

Aaj dekh kar bhi andekha kar gaye hain humein ..

Wo bhi kya din they ki wo rastaa rok liyaa karte they ..

Aaj maang liyaa waqt to ruswaa ho gaye ..

Wo bhi kya din they ki apni jaan diyaa karte they ..

Aaj naam leke bulaaya, kuch kaam tha shayad..

Wo bhi kya din they ki bewajah piya piya karte they ..

Aansuon ki barsaat dekh aur ziyada baras pade hain hum par..

Wo bhi kya din they ki geela kaajal choom liyaa karte they ..

Udhaar rahe waade, abhi to dard mein lipti hoon main..

Wo bhi kya din they ke hum koshish kiyaa karte they ..


Ambreen said...

Extremely touching, Anu. Fabulous feelings dripping from your pen. Keep writing, God has blessed u with this wonderful gift...Hugs!

Sam's playground said...

Could sooo identify with the lines. Very nice composition =)

Inder said...

Well, you see it gets tough to praise your unlimited prowess over words with my limited words of praise. However you must know that you are a divine prodigy. I always tell you that you can have a new dye, a new symmetry for your prose works at your will. Mostly poets use the conventional ones to set up the rhyme and rhythm. You flamboyantly invent and customise the new set of skeletal calibrations binding your words and thoughts into poetry. This poem is one of the finest examples where the choice of meter and the expansion of thoughts from momentary impulses to panoramic orchestration of objects, moods and emotions stand out clearly and exceptionally.

Technically and as a piece of art, this poem is a work of an adept. Yours is undoubtedly a “must have text book blog” for the aspiring poets to derive styles and inspirations from.

Good show! So proud of you

God bless :)