October 9, 2012

chaand bhi roya karta hai ..

Ye raat jaanti hai ki chaand bhi roya karta hai ..

Halka halka nimma nimma, aasmaan bhigoya karta hai ..

Har shaam khaamoshi se raat ki chaadar odha karta hai ..
Taaron ke daaman mein chanda mera, tanha soya karta hai .. 

Gumsum gumsum baitha baitha, yaadon mein khoya karta hai ..
Ye chaand apne dil par kitne dard dhoya karta hai .. 

Pedon ke peechhe chhup ke munh aansuon se dhoya karta hai ..
Jaane chanda kis pagli ke khwaab sanjoya karta hai ..


pratiksha said...

Beautiful poem.

Inder said...

Where your lead thoughts revolve around the lunar protagonist with all excellent poetry, remarkable idea and presentation.. there under the surfaced phrases, a most romantic and love laden aspect silently and sinuously rills like some emotional life-line between the words. This latter passive element, 'the magically spell binder', can only be felt and revealed by one who chooses to live in every infinitesimally small 'nowness' of past and present with all her solitary compassion and contemplation towards the universe.

If I fancy about 'your moon' personified, I am sure he gets cajoled to his soul's content. A feeling I price far above any of those similar abstract sensations of being loved.

Having academic poetic proficiencies is one thing. Some have it, few are known for it, many thrive for it on different levels. However, sustaining a clear poetic self and receptiveness to nature as Divinity's gift stands way, way ahead when it strikes. Listen! Your poem says it more and better than I say it about you. One word.. … Ethereal :)

Tum ho kyaa? Kab tumhaari soch ki intihaa se waaqif ho paaungaa? Trust me, its high time you may stop being humble and taking easy criticism and advices. No one can write like you do. Just no one. All you need is to be you and that holds all the charm.

Cheers for my favourite poetess :) God bless :)

Sam's playground said...

How did you know I will like this, Anu? :-)
After the first 4 words, strangely, I had a big smile on my face and a small tear in one eye ... I am not kidding. You touched a nerve there, girl, and made it happy.
Loved what you wrote, I am still grinning.

Unknown said...

Astoundingly Splendid



Aadii said...

"Halka halka nimma nimma, aasmaan bhigoya karta hai .."

Marsutya! Absolutely beautiful this is!

Rimple said...