December 29, 2012

tum chali gayi ho Damini..

tum chali gayi ho Damini..
bina bataaye chali gayi ho..
badi behan huun tumhaari..
mujhe bina rulaaye chali gayi ho..

duppatta maila kiya is desh ne..
to safed chaadar odh ke chali gayi ho
apne rang dekhne they tumhe abhi..
tum mujhe berang kar ke chali gayi ho..

tumhaara har ek aansoo jo nahi bhi giraa tha..
uske qatre meri aankhon mein rakh chali gayi ho..
tum mujhe nahi jaanti ho meri behna phir bhi..
tum mujhe sharminda kar ke chali gayi ho..

abhi to chhutki, tumhara kanyadaan baaki tha..
tum balidaan de ke chali gayi ho..
na gehna na zevar, bas laal rang pehne hue..
bina doli mein baithe chali gayi ho..

tum thehro main sambhaalungi tumhe.. 
dard samjhungi..tumhaari hi kahaani sunaaungi tumhe..
tum kyon bina shikaayat kiye chali gayi ho..

ab apne paas rakhungi tumhe..
ab bahut waqt hai.. na, na .. aise nahi vidaa karungi tumhe..
tum kyon bina gale lagaaye chali gayi ho..

arrey, antim vidaai ka bhi ek saliqaa hota hai..
tum kaise hum sab par muskuraa ke chali gayi ho..


Rest In Peace, Damini. 
We are also resting in peace.


Sam's playground said...


Sam's playground said...

tumhaara har ek aansoo jo nahi bhi giraa tha..
har qatra meri aankhon mein rakh chali gayi ho..

These lines are haunting me. I am distressed beyond words! :'(

Dheeraj said...

I have no words Anu.. :( I am choked.. What an expression :'( R.I.P Damini..

Mohammad Rizwan said...

Tum mujhe sharminda karke chali gayee ho ! RIP DAMINI, HAM SHARMINDA HAIN, AMANAT NA SAMBHAL SAKE

Gurnam Singh Sodhi said...

that is very touching... wish she could read this. :(

Abhay said...

आत्मा को चुभन हुई | शर्म से सर झुक गया | "duppatta maila kiya is desh ne..
tum safed chaadar odh ke chali gayi ho."
आत्मग्लानी में दिल यही सोचता है की क्या गुज़री होगी उस मासूम पे. क्या दर्द बीता होगा. अपनी तरफ से यही २ पंक्ती बोलना चाहूँगा ...

Shayad hum bhi tumhari takleefon ke gunahgar hain,
Iss bharatvarsh ke darindagi pe tum
tamanchaa maar ke chali gayi ho.

jay.Hindh said...

या पर्वाधिगार दमिनी कु जन्नत देदे. या धामिनी आप गए . लेकिन आप का नाम धुनिया में हे

मुसाफ़िर said...


bindAss said...

Maaf karna hame.. hum aab bhi insaaniyat seekhey nahi hai!

gopal maurya said...

akhir damini chali gai...

Salman Rizvi Jarchavi said...

Pure desh ko jaga kr so gayi damini....???

Pranitha said...

We talk about it for sometime...and then what??..this keeps happening time and a country where laws are loose...society looks down on women...girl child...I've heard people say...what was the need for her to roam on roads till late night...but then...what made that comment come out...whats wrong if a woman roams on roads or does whatever...why should a woman have a set time? whats wrong with the society? I had to go to hospital past week and it took the time I came out it was 12 pm..I drove my husband was at home taking care of while coming I remembered that there was no milk at home...sowent to a nearby store..I parked my one was around...It was midnight..I slowly walked into the store....brought milk...saw this security guard...looks asian...probably Indian...a doubt in his to why a asian origin that out at this hour? I gave a care not look...and came home...and was telling everyone as if it was an "achievement" striked me later...why did that have to be an it my mindset?? the society I've been born and brought up?
The change if at all has to be made...its not just should be within...if we change our way of thinking and we teach our kids...about treating everyone equal and inculcate values in them from childhood..they grow up to become mindful adults with proper mindsets!!

calvy said...

Every word of yours shrills the soul, I hope society heeds to the clarion call but then as your parting line rightly read,...we are also resting in peace.

RIP Damini.

expression said...

beautiful expression...
heart touching!!!

try writing in devnagri script...readers will feel more connected.